Norms for Conversion Cost (CC), Packing Charges (PC) 
Process Loss (PL)

a. S.O. No. 578(E) Dated 13.7.1999
b. S.O. No. 660(E) Dated 12.7.2000
c. S.O. No. 664(E) Dated 12.7.2001
d. S.O. No. 737(E) Dated 12.7.2002
e. S.O. No. 913(E) Dated 11.8.2004
f. S.O. No. 1832(E) Dated 29.12.2005
g. S.O. No. 2137(E) Dated 21.12.2006
h. S.O. No. 2068(E) Dated 30.11.2007
i. S.O. No. 2038(E) Dated 13.08.2008
j. S.O. No. 2251(E) Dated 23.09.2008
k. S.O. No. 1514(E) Dated 16.06.2009
l. S.O. No. 2474(E) Dated 29.09.2009
m. S.O. No. 2972(E) Dated 16.12.2010

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