Recent Initiatives in Computerization of NPPA


Computerization - In order to strengthen and streamline the working of NPPA, computerization has been initiated with the assistance of NIC including networking with other functionaries. Initiatives taken by NPPA so far are :-


      Enhance collaborative decision-making through use of ICT enabled system.

      Facilitate effective Price Management, Monitoring, Control and Reporting mechanism.

      Promote transparency and efficiency.

      Improve decision making and information dissemination.

      Facilitate information sharing by breaking compartmentalization.

      Promote online dissemination of information to public at large through setting up of NPPA Centers for Information Facilitation and Grievances (NPPA-CIFGs).

      Evolution of an archival system to facilitate continuous and consistent policy & decision making.

      Strengthening of online interaction among all stake holders

      Help curb un-warranted price rise and ensure availability of medicines at affordable prices across the country.


Online Facilities for Complaints - NPPA has started online filing of complaints to facilitate easy filing of complaints. NPPA initiate action within 30 days of the receipt of such complaints.


Online Filing by Manufacturers - NPPA with the help of NIC has initiated online filing by manufacturers of applications for fixation / Revision of formulation prices in form III / form IV of DPCO95 and also online submission of price list in form V to NPPA.


Website Redesigning - NPPA has redesigned its existing website to make it more user friendly, provide more information on Pharma Policy, Drug Pricing availability of medicines and related issues, working of NPPA. The Hindi website of NPPA has also been launched on 15th May,2007