NPPA News Bulletin-2005

4th January - NPPA revises the prices of 2 scheduled bulk drugs on 30th December, 2004.
7th January - NPPA has fixed/revised the prices of 99 formulation packs on 4th January, 2005.
30th March - Prices of 40 bulk drugs fixed/ revised on 24th March, 2005
31st March - Prices of Rifampicin bulk drug fixed/ revised on 29th March, 2005
1st April - NPPA has fixed/revised the prices of 132 formulation packs on 28th & 30th March, 2005.
17th May - Advertisement for Hiring of Tata Sumo/Qualis on monthly basis
20th June - NPPA has fixed/revised of bulk drugs Ranitidine Hcl, Nalidixic Acid, Erythromycin & its Derivatives, Naproxen / Naproxen Sodium and Norfloxacin on 15th June, 2005.
23rd June - NPPA has fixed/revised the prices of 181 formulation packs on 15th June, 2005.
24th August - AMC Tender Notice
19th September - NPPA has fixed / revised prices in respect of 16 scheduled bulk drugs including derivatives on 14.09.2005.
20th September - NOTICE
22th September - NPPA has fixed / revised the prices of 308 formulation packs on 16.09.2005
26th October - QUOTATION FOR Supply of Stationery items for 2005-06
26th October - GRIEVANCE CELL
12th December - SALE OF AMBASSADOR CAR NO. DL 2CH 4472 MODEL 1997
30th December - NPPA has revised the norms for Conversion Cost, Packing Charges, Process Loss and Packinger Material Cost on 29th December, 2005.

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